We’d like to tell you a story about a hero.

Once upon a time, every business owner could remember all their customer’s name and what they liked to buy. Everything was smooth sailing for the customer service experience until one day, the market changed.

Customers began shopping online instead of in stores, CRMs were overloaded with data, and business owners struggled to customize shopping experiences. The outlook seemed bleak when, seemingly out of a nowhere, a hero arrived — CRM data mining.

CRM data mining hit the scene and suddenly businesses could sort, analyze, and optimize the data in their CRM faster than ever before. From there, they could target customers with custom advertisements for their specific wants and needs. Of course, CRM data mining couldn’t do it alone, and became a critical part of an overarching behavioral marketing strategy and platform.

The end.

While it may seem silly, this story is no joke. Instead, it serves as a simple way to outline how effective data mining can be in today’s market. We’ve compiled 3 ways CRM data mining can have a major impact on your business.

3 ways CRM data mining is essential to transforming your strategy.

Create the most visible and profitable customer journey maps.

As the market continues to shift steadily into the digital realm, it’s time to rethink the customer journey — and you don’t have to do it alone. CRM data mining allows you to locate high-profit prospects and track their shopping behaviors to gather intel on what they want and when they want it.

This insight is absolutely critical. Knowing exactly what your customer wants means that you can craft targeted ads that appear at the exact moment they were searching for a product like yours.

Go beyond reaching your prospects — get to know them as well.

With CRM data mining, micro moments of a prospect’s online interactions are now yours for the taking. You can collect usable, real time information about your customer’s activities like:

  • Navigation
  • Mobile behavior
  • Social media
  • Keyword search
  • Content consumption
  • Shopping behavior
  • Demographics

All of this data combines and lets you to get to know your customer, sometimes without ever meeting them in person.

Gain an advantage over the competition.

A personalized ad experience can make or break your ability to steal customers from the competition. Think about it, if the competition isn’t up to date on what their potential customers want there’s no way they can close the deal on a sale. This then opens a window for your targeted ads to slide in and make a conquest.

At the end of the day, you have very little to lose from CRM data mining, but you do have a lot to gain. Are you ready to learn more? Contact ePush! to see what we can do to elevate and transform your business now.