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Happy Holidays from ePush!

Happy Holidays From Your Dedicated Team at ePush! As this year winds to a close, we’d like to take the time to wish you, our valuable clients, a happy holidays. Year in and year out we are both amazed and grateful for our continued growth as a business, and ePush! wouldn’t be where it is [...]

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Data Mining: The Hero Your CRM Didn’t Know It Needed

CRM data mining can have a major impact on your business. You can more accurately track your customers, determine their specific wants and needs, and cater to them. This gives you an advantage over the competition and can increase foot traffic in your physical store. For a brief overview of CRM data mining, check out [...]

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3 Reasons CRM Data Mining is Essential to Your Business

We’d like to tell you a story about a hero. Once upon a time, every business owner could remember all their customer’s name and what they liked to buy. Everything was smooth sailing for the customer service experience until one day, the market changed. Customers began shopping online instead of in stores, CRMs were overloaded [...]

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