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ePush! Hires Sabrina Lugo as Executive Project Manager

ePush! Hires Sabrina Lugo as Executive Project Manager   St. Petersburg, FL, May 5, 2017 – ePush! is pleased to announce that Sabrina Lugo has joined the ePush! team as Executive Project Manager. Lugo will streamline workplace efficiencies, [...]

ePush! Insights Episode 8 – eAnalytix™

eAnalytix™   eAnalytix™ arms your dealership with the industry leading touch point data that gives you unprecedented and deep insights into your web site traffic. Withe Analytix™ you can maximizes your conversions and hold all your vendors 100% [...]

ePush! Insights Episode 07 – Evidence Based Advertising

EVIDENCE BASED ADVERTISING     Episode 07 Today’s topic is about Evidence Based Advertising and the three “E”’s that are the cornerstone of our philosophy and it’s these 3 components  that support every product & strategy we develop [...]

ePush! Insights The Secret Sauce of CRM Reanimation Part 2

THE SECRET SAUCE OF REANIMATION™ PART 2     On this episode,  Sean dives into the steps of ePush! CRM Reanimation™ - our proprietary Data Transformation process that turns your non-performing assets into incremental sales in 30 days! [...]