3 Essentials of Automotive Advertising for 2017

Here, we explore the concept of Evidence Based Advertising and why it’s essential when dealers and agencies are planning advertising in 2017. Choosing Advertising In 2017 As automotive advertisers, we all have our preferences and partialities, and so our preconceived leanings often influence our decisions – for better or worse. However, preconceptions should never play [...]

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How Digital Automotive Marketing is Influencing Today’s Consumers

One Billion Dollars Per Year ($1-Billion!). That's how much America's auto dealers will bump their digital ad spend for the next five years. A billion dollars per year. The same researchers who reported this projection say the money will come from legacy media like newspapers and radio. Only television and direct mail will escape the [...]

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Easy Tips For Auto Dealers To Sell Online Prospects

Easy tips for auto dealers to sell more vehicles online starts with some basic steps. Ten years ago, consumers would visit several dealerships before buying a vehicle including returning to the same dealership to "look over" the vehicle or maybe take one more test drive. Now with the digital age, the trend is to visit [...]

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