Facts About Bots and Email Security

For a concerned advertiser, today's email marketing environment may resemble the Wild West more than advertising's fastest growing medium. With every step forward, a new pitfall appears with terminology that makes you shudder: Spam, malware, bots, zombies, ghosts, Trojan horses, viruses, ransom-ware. It makes you wonder what happened to the good old days when a [...]

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3 Key Areas of Focus to Have Long-Term Success With Automotive Email Marketing

You initiate your campaign to target a specific segment in your market. Then what? You might be missing out on 3 key areas of focus to have long-term success with automotive email marketing. Here are important strategies many dealers do not utilize, but should, to increase their ROI: Conquest Targeting Conquest targeting is a double [...]

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3 Simple Ways to Use Behvioral Data to Grow Your Dealership

For the past few years, dealers more than ever began leveraging the power of business intelligence and data to grow their PMA. Using CRM’s, DMS systems and new affordable, easy-to-use tools, dealers began to analyze the data they collected on their prospects and customers, and to use it to conquest new business, reactivate lost prospects [...]

Actionable metric insights improve and optimize performance

Reviewing actionable metric insights from your Google Analytics or a KPI dashboard allows you to make pertinent decisions about your digital Marketing. These articles explain "how" and "why" analytics show you the path to marketing success. At ePush! clients use our proprietary BMP™ platform with KPI dashboard to view the top metrics for digital campaigns. Check it out here. There are [...]

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900 Plus Digital Interactions BEFORE Purchase

Auto dealership's and marketers alike understand that the average research timeline for a new car purchase can span months. Luth Research's opt-in panel (illustrating the order and pages a user visited), analyzed the searches, clicks, website visits, and video views that make up one individual's path to purchase. The research resulted in a granular view of how the key auto shopping moments [...]

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Emerging dealerships run on proven digital technology

As your dealership grows, so does the involvement of technology and the need for digital services. You face the challenge to find digital strategies that work and fit with your store’s marketing plan. It’s a full time job that requires dedication and expertise. Today, dealerships have two distinct options for managing their digital strategy. The [...]

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How Digital Automotive Marketing is Influencing Today’s Consumers

One Billion Dollars Per Year ($1-Billion!). That's how much America's auto dealers will bump their digital ad spend for the next five years. A billion dollars per year. The same researchers who reported this projection say the money will come from legacy media like newspapers and radio. Only television and direct mail will escape the [...]

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The Recipe to a Successful Automotive Digital Marketing Campaign

Today's consumers are more connected, empowered and informed than ever before, and with their easy access to information, and the power that comes with it, they naturally demand higher value and satisfaction from the products and services they buy. Auto dealers are not immune from these demands. In fact, they're under more pressure than most [...]

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5 Warning Signs Your Dealership’s Online Provider is Taking You to The Cleaners!

This article was written by Zack Klempf and originally appeared in the May 2015 issue of Dealer Solutions Magazine. I spend a lot of quality time with auto dealers, and am often surprised at the state of their online marketing programs. Sometimes I am even downright outraged at how some online marketing providers (website developers, SEO [...]

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Reasons to Invest in an Automotive Digital Marketing Campaign

Retail automotive marketing isn't a game for amateurs. So many market forces play on new and used car sales that it takes seasoned professionals to know what, when and how to advertise. Simply getting a handle on market demographics, geographics and economic conditions can be baffling. Add to that the dealership's product mix and manufacturer [...]

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