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Dirty Data “A 3 Trillion Dollar Epidemic,” What It’s Costing Your Dealership, and How to Fix It – Transform Your Useless CRM Data Into Profitable Incremental Sales! Primary Learning Objectives: ● Understand how dirty CRM data happens, how to slow it down, reduce lead losses, and ultimately stop it all together. You’ll learn the true [...]

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Data Mining: The Hero Your CRM Didn’t Know It Needed

CRM data mining can have a major impact on your business. You can more accurately track your customers, determine their specific wants and needs, and cater to them. This gives you an advantage over the competition and can increase foot traffic in your physical store. For a brief overview of CRM data mining, check out [...]

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Automotive Disruption From The Bay Area To Atlanta

by Zach Kelmpf - Selly Automotive Never has the traditional automotive business model been under constant siege as it is today from multiple fronts. Technology has not only changed the car-buying experience but it is also relentlessly reshaping the entire ecosystem from dealership go-to-market strategies to the automobile product offering itself, all while it creates [...]

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